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I appreciate your business and referrals to the site. 

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

emcsparron@msn.com or 218-779-9984

I am owner Erin McSparron and I live in North Dakota.  I started Slings and More! in April 2003.  Before now I was the only shopper, shipper, and sewer, but 2008 was a very busy year for me!  I am blessed to be working with Prairie Industries of the Women's Correctional Center out of New England, ND.  They are now making the Car Seat Coats and most slippers and may make more of my products in the future.  I love that I am keeping business in North Dakota and helping the women working on my products to learn new skills and develop a good work ethic while being paid a fair wage.  They are doing an excellent job and I think you'll agree that they take great pride in their work!  

Here I am with my loving and always supportive family:
Joshua and myself (Erin) with Hannah, Hillary and Hollister.

When I'm not busy sewing, you might find me doing one of my other past times: photography, lactation counseling, doula-ing, sign language interpreting, scrapbooking, or singing.  I am a Christian woman and I thank God for the gifts that He has given me to help support my family.


Slings, Towels, Car Seat Coats, and More!