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Hello!  Thank you for visiting!  
In order to make searching for me easier, I've added this page.  
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Slings: Slings help you to meet your child's needs while still having your hands free.  Babywearing is even good for their development!

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Towels: Help keep bath time fun--wear the towel and hold your babe!  When they outgrow it, change it to a hooded towel.

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Car Seat Coats: Carry your baby--not your car seat!  This fleece suit is the only SAFE way to keep your child WARM in and out of the car.

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Doula and Lactation: I provide doula (labor support) and lactation services.  Check out the birth slideshow and video montages, too!

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Teardrop Diary: A journal with poetry for healing your heart after pregnancy loss.

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Slings, Towels, Car Seat Coats, and More!